RNG and Slots

Due to slot machines been among the most commonly played online games it is good idea to know how they work. For most online casinos the slot machines are the largest generators of income, representing 70% of revenue. The slots throw out numbers completely at random, due to the sites using a RNG or Random Number Generator software package. It is the use of such software that makes all slots games (online gokken) completely games of chance. This means that players do not need a strategy to win, they just need to have luck on their side. There are possibly billions of different combinations generated every time the slots are spun.


The RNG software packages used by online casinos carry on generating numbers even if nobody is playing on a game at a precisely given moment. The RNG will carry on sinning out combinations so that numbers will be ready for when people starting the game. Due to so many numbers been generated countless players can play on the site for every single game. When a player spins they are actually going to win or lose by the last set of numbers that were generated.

randomRandom Number Generator

As all slot machines use RNG software there is no way in, which players can possibly predict when the next big payout will take place. All RNG are programmed to pay after a predetermined number of plays yet a player will not know these. Some players play games as quickly as possible to reach the predetermined numbers sooner yet there is absolutely no way that this will bring the payout any closer. That strategy is not one that will make a player rich. Some slots are programmed to payout more frequently than others so it is worth trying a few different sites. Players can pick games that pay smaller amounts frequently or try to win bigger prizes less often.